LEGO® Sorting Box: Banderbox Snark Orange Medium

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Gone are the days of stepping on misplaced LEGO® blocks, digging for eternity through a pile of pieces, or abandoning a build because there’s no safe way to store it. Thanks to Banderbox, a LEGO® sorting box, Builders can easily sort their collection of blocks, store special pieces, and safely protect builds to finish at a later date. The Patent Pending walls of Banderbox fold out to allow Builders to easily access every piece they own or just pile them all in the center. The LEGO® workstation is on the lid of Banderbox, allowing Builders to work on projects and hang them in suspension to finish later. 

Not only does Banderbox make building and sorting easier, but it’s also a storage box designed to fit easily onto shelves, into cubbies, to stack on itself, and to look great with your decor. Purchase yours today from Snark22.

Purchase additional storage pouches to keep characters, accessories, and rare pieces safe. These pouches easily snap onto the inside of Banderbox for safekeeping.

This Banderbox is available in Snark Orange. The storage system works with LEGO®, Duplo®, other building blocks, and toys.

The Banderbox system is easy to use and store, making it perfect for all ages of LEGO® Builders as young as 5 years old.


  • Raised grooves on the lid and base to easily stack boxes
  • Collapsable walls for quick setup and cleanup time
  • Recessed walls to fully collapse and add more strength
  • Durable, aluminum rivets for long-lasting use and quality
  • Built-in brackets to snap on accessory pouches
  • LEGO® workstation that allows you to save projects mid-build
  • Large sorting surface to arrange sets, special bricks, parts, and minifigures
  • Hinges designed for repeated opening and closing that bricks won’t get caught in

Box Dimensions (in inches):

Build Zone Dimensions (in inches): 15.78 x 10.62 (46×30 stud grid)

Sorting Zone Dimensions (in inches): 25.54 x 22.26