LEGO® Sorting Box: Banderbox Limelite Medium

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Banderbox promotes bursts of creativity with an easy and child friendly LEGO® sorting box and storage system. Our Patent Pending folding walls allow a Builder to spread out their building blocks for easier access or easily scoop building blocks toward the center, alleviating the need to dump pieces out and potentially lose them. Banderbox is designed to stack together easily as well as slide into shelves and cubbies, all with complimentary colors to fit any decor. Projects built on the inside lid of this LEGO® workstation hang in suspension when closing the box, allowing a Builder to pause mid-build yet save and protect their creations for a later date. Purchase your Banderbox from Snark22 today.

The additional storage pouches that snap onto the inside of a Banderbox provide fast access to your favorite characters, accessories, or rare blocks.

Banderbox is designed so even a five-year-old can use it independently.

Available in Limelite. Works with LEGO®, Duplo®, other building blocks, and toys.


  • Raised grooves for easy stacking and lock in to prevent sliding of stacked boxes
  • Collapsible walls will easily scoop up building bricks to the center of the box for effortless clean up and storing
  • Recessed walls provide added strength and allow for an even surface when fully collapsed
  • Aluminum rivets provide a firm hold and prevent sides from snapping off after multiple uses
  • Built-in bracket slots for secure placement of accessory pouches
  • The build zone allows ability to save mid-build and protect your creations
  • Sizeable sorting surface to easily spread sets, find special bricks, parts or minifigs
  • Multiple living hinges designed specifically for repeated opening and closing.  This design will not allow LEGO® bricks to escape through or get caught in the hinges

Box Dimensions (in inches):

Build Zone Dimensions (in inches): 15.78 x 10.62 (46×30 stud grid)

Sorting Zone Dimensions (in inches): 25.54 x 22.26