LEGO® Sorting Box: Banderbox Heavy Metal Medium

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When it comes to your LEGO® collection, how well can you find a specific piece at any given moment? If you struggle to keep your bricks, parts, and minifigures organized, it’s time for a change. Introducing Banderbox, the LEGO® sorting box and workstation with collapsable walls and a building zone built into the lid. These specially-designed features allow you to easily organize and sort through your collection, easily build your creation on a studded platform, and safely store your build in suspension to finish later. 

Banderbox isn’t like other clunky storage containers for toys, either. Grooves on the lid and base allow this LEGO® workstation to snap together with other Banderboxes, fit perfectly onto shelves or into cubbies, and are available in a variety of colors to match your decor. Purchase Banderbox today from Snark22.

Accessory pouches are available separately to store rare pieces, favorites bricks, and minifigures. These pouches easily snap into Banderbox for safekeeping.

This storage system is available in the color Heavy Metal. It’s suitable for LEGO®, Duplo®, other building bricks, and toys.

Builders as young as 5 years old can safely and efficiently use Banderbox.

Other features: 

  • Grooved base and lid for stack-and-lock storage
  • Walls that fully collapse and fold again for quick setup and cleanup
  • Recessed walls for additional strength and ease of use
  • Aluminum rivets designed for repeated use without damage
  • Brackets to snap on accessory pouches
  • A studded lid to build on and store projects mid-build
  • Large workspace to sort and organize bricks, parts, and minifigures
  • Hinges designed for repeated use and to keep LEGO® bricks out

Box Dimensions (in inches):

Build Zone Dimensions (in inches): 15.78 x 10.62 (46×30 stud grid)

Sorting Zone Dimensions (in inches): 25.54 x 22.26