LEGO® Sorting Box: Banderbox Lilac Medium

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For LEGO® Builders who struggle to keep track of all their bricks and figures, safely store their builds before they’re completed, or are just tired of the stabbing pain that a rogue brick on the floor can cause, Snark22 has the solution: Banderbox. This LEGO® sorting box has collapsable walls so that you can quickly set up your building station, sort through pieces, and then quickly clean up when you’re done. The LEGO® workstation of Banderbox is on the studded lid, allowing Builders to firmly attach bricks and then suspend their creation inside of Banderbox if they need to finish it at a later time. 

On top of being an innovative and functional solution for many Builder’s LEGO® woes, Banderbox is a storage container that fits easily onto shelves, into cubbies, and can easily stack on itself for seamless storage. It’s also available in a variety of colors so it blends in well with your current decor and storage setup. Purchase your Banderbox today from Snark22.

For additional organization, you can also purchase accessory pouches to quickly find your favorite minifigures, parts, or rare bricks.

This Banderbox is available in Lilac. It’s best suited for LEGO® and Duplo® bricks, but can also be used for other building blocks and toys.

The construction and simplicity of Banderbox is safe and easy enough for builders as young as five years old to use independently.

Additional features:

  • Grooves in the base of the container and on the lid for easy stacking
  • Collapsable walls for quick setup and cleanup
  • Recessed walls that add durability and allow the container to collapse fully
  • A studded lid to build and save projects on
  • Aluminum rivets designed for long-term use
  • Hinges designed for repeated use and prevent bricks from getting stuck
  • A large surface area for sorting, organizing, and building
  • Built-in brackets for accessory pouches to easily snap into

Box Dimensions (in inches):

Build Zone Dimensions (in inches): 15.78 x 10.62 (46×30 stud grid)

Sorting Zone Dimensions (in inches): 25.54 x 22.26