Snark22 Launches Banderbox™ Campaign on Indiegogo!


FULLERTON, Calif.June 25, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — Snark22 is launching its cardinal product Banderbox™ and announcing its campaign with Indiegogo this week. The goal of the campaign is to reach supporters who see the value of Banderbox™ for LEGO® enthusiasts of all ages.

“I am passionate about developing a product that encourages my boys to share the same interest in LEGO® as I did at their age,” says Thomas Peterson, Chief Engineer and Co-Founder at Snark22.

With Banderbox™, Snark22 offers a solution to a problem that many generations have faced while building with LEGO®.

“My grandfather stepped on LEGO® bricks, my dad stepped on LEGO® bricks, and now I am stepping on LEGO® bricks,” Jared Gistrap, CEO and Co-Founder, admits.

With a variety of challenges lasting from one generation to the next with LEGO® bricks, the founders of Snark22 wanted to design a product that could resolve them.

Snark22 (PRNewsfoto/Snark22)

Enter Banderbox™, a storage container that includes a “Sorting Surface” where LEGO® builders can more easily access individual pieces, as well as a “Creative Zone” which is a studded grid on the underside of the lid. The Creative Zone enables people to build their creations on a sturdy surface and then safely store it mid-build.

The Sorting Surface was created with scooping walls and collapsing sides, so blocks can be spread out and easily sifted through rather than getting lost in the carpet or jumbled up with other pieces at the bottom of the box.

The studded surface of the Creative Zone is compatible with the pattern of LEGO® blocks, making it the perfect building surface. When a builder needs to stop, all they have to do is scoop the walls and close the lid to protect their project.

Banderbox™ also includes a built-in bracket that holds the Accessory Pouch (sold separately), so builders can store and access their favorite pieces and minifigures more easily.

The aim is to simultaneously protect projects and feet. The sorting surface keeps all of the pieces in a contained space, but doesn’t take away from the experience that LEGO® has offered generation after generation.

Pauletta Perez, CFO and Co-Founder, shares, “I am a crafter and AFOL (Adult Fan of LEGO®) where organization of small pieces is key to the successful outcome of your creation. Any old box just won’t do. Banderbox is the future in functional yet decorative storage solutions.”

Not only does Banderbox™ create a more organized surface for builders, it was designed to fit well on shelves, cubbies and look great simply stacked together. The complementary colors of Banderbox™ matches well in any decor. Great design without compromising accessibility or functionality.

About Snark22

Snark22 was founded by a group of innovators who aim to develop products that add to the spirit of playfulness. The Snark is a mysterious, whimsical creature from the poem “The Hunting of the Snark” by Lewis Carroll, and the product Banderbox™ was inspired by another creature from Carroll’s Wonderland, the Bandersnatch. The focus of Snark22 is always on playfulness and family. Visit for more information or if you’d like to back the product.


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