6 Tips for Preserving LEGO® Projects Mid-Build


Whether you build with a variety of different bricks or you’re working on a model, building with LEGO® bricks can consume entire afternoons as you experiment with different colors, shapes, and sizes of bricks.

What happens if you need to leave your project before you’ve finished it, though? With so many intricate pieces, it’s not safe to just leave your LEGO® build that you’ve invested hours into out in the open. 

In today’s post, we’re going to explore different tips that help LEGO® Builders safely store their unfinished creations until they’re ready to come back to it. If you’re looking for a way to safely store projects and keep your collection organized, Banderbox can help with both. Learn more about our LEGO® workstation and purchase yours today!

Create a Designated Storage Space

The best way to make sure a building project goes undisturbed is to store it in a place that you’ve designated for works in progress, also called WIPs. Make sure to let your roommates, siblings, partner, children, or co-workers (depending on where you’re working on these projects) know where your WIP location is so that they don’t mess with anything and risk breaking apart your project.

Keep Pets & Inexperienced Builders Away

On that note, there are only so many people you can communicate with to leave your LEGO® workstation alone. As well as you have your pets and children trained, they still may wander into your work area and mess with your creations. To prevent this, keep the storage space locked or out of reach. You can use a baby gate, install child-safe handles, or just lock the door.

Build Your Project on a Base

Another way to protect your LEGO® creation if you can’t finish it in one session is to build it on a base. This gives you a foundation — literally — to move your project around on. If all the smaller pieces are anchored to one large, flat piece that you can handle, your project is less likely to crumble than if you were to try to move it by handling the project itself.

Store Your Builds Low to the Ground

While storing your projects up high may prevent small children or pets from reaching them, they are at risk of falling and being destroyed completely. We recommend that you store your project lower to the ground so that if they were to fall, there wouldn’t be as much — if any — damage. Storing your projects at a lower spot is also why we recommend having a specified place to lock them.

Mark Where You Stop

While this doesn’t directly affect the safety of your build, it does help productivity when you jump back into building later on. Make sure to finish an entire step before storing your project. It’s also a good idea to mark on the instruction manual where you stop so you know exactly where to start building again.

Invest in a Quality Storage Container

Nothing beats a product that’s made to solve a specific problem. When it comes to saving LEGO® projects mid-build, nothing works quite as effectively as the Banderbox LEGO® workstation. We’ve built a studded lid to act as the baseplate for your project. When you’re ready to stop but need to save your project for later, all you have to do is fold up the walls of the sorting zone and snap the lid back onto the box.

Now, your build is safely suspended on the LEGO® workstation and protected by the walls of the Banderbox. This, paired with our other tips on storing LEGO® projects, ensures that you’re ready to get building right away again.

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