Banderbox Shipments Will Be Going Out In January, 2020 - Order Today!

Banderbox Shipments Will Be Going Out In January, 2020 - Order Today!

About Our LEGO® Sorting Box

About Our LEGO® Sorting Box


How’d we come up with the name Banderbox? We studied the ways of wise, old alchemists, World War 2 nuclear scientists, and one odd 19th century author to create it.

Bander – To bind and gather together.
Box – A container for storage.
Bandersnatch – A frumious creature from the world of Wonderland.
Banderbox – Everything good about the above, brought together to save you from your LEGO® bricks in the form of a LEGO® sorting box and workstation.


Snark22 came from a simple vision, to convey a sense of playfulness and yet have some personal meaning.

The Snark is an allusive, mysterious creature from the nonsense poem “The Hunting of the Snark” by Lewis Carroll, author of Alice in Wonderland and many other works. Many of the whimsical creatures Alice interacts with in Wonderland are direct descendants of the Snark, especially the Bandersnatch. It only seemed natural to name a company, meant to enhance a child’s creative spirit, after a creature as odd and wonderful as the Snark.

The 22 has special meaning to both Tommy and Jared, as it signifies why we created this company and its products … for our kids. Tommy and Jared each have two wonderful boys, and so we combined the numbers to create the 22.

Combined, Snark22 encompasses our playful goals yet our unwavering family focus.

Pauletta Perez

Pauletta was the first Southern California employee at Incase Designs during the start-up years focusing on Finance, Purchasing, Logistics and Manufacturing. Later she moved on to help launch the lifestyle brand ADOPTED. SNARK FACT: In her spare time, Pauletta chases butterflies.

Tommy Peterson

Tommy has been designing high quality products for the automotive industry since he got his start as a Mechanical Design Engineer in 2006. He has been involved in numerous product launches and is currently named on 5 issued patents and more patents pending. SNARK FACT: Tommy loves to slappa da bass in rock and roll bands from time to time.

Jared Gilstrap

Jared began his career managing Customer Service and Operations for Incase Designs, where he helped the company grow to become a leader in the case industry at retailers like Apple, Best Buy and Target. 8 years later, he helped to establish the company ADOPTED. SNARK FACT: Jared is a diehard, unashamed, fan of Sir Tom Jones.

Together as a team, they bring a variety of start-up, brand and retail experience with many combined years focused on Sales, Operations, Finance, Logistics, Design, and Manufacturing.